FAQs – Teams and Prepaids


1What are teams?
Teams are free to create and are designed to ensure that you and your mates all get assigned to the same start time. HOWEVER, you will ONLY be running together if everyone is registered for the same team in the same starting wave. This means that if the wave your team has registered for sells out before all your team members register, they will NOT be in the same start time as you. Teams can consist of 2-100+ participants – there is no maximum or minimum amount of people who can be on the team.
2How do I create a team?
When registering, you will need to select to create a team and enter in your desired team name. You will become the Team Captain once you have completed the registration process. Your team members can join your team by simply selecting to join a team and entering in your team name.
3How do I create a team if I am under the age of 18?
As our registration system prevents participants under the age of 18 creating a team, you must enter as an individual. However, don’t stress, you will still be able to run in a team. AFTER you have completed your registration as an individual email info@rocrace.com.au. We will be very happy to create the team on your behalf so you can reap all the benefits of a team entry! Once the team is created, your friends can join the team as usual.
4Can I register on behalf of somebody else?
Yes! Get your procrastinating mates into shape by just doing it for them (sigh)! Once you select to 'create a team' when you're registering yourself, you will have the option to prepay for additional team members. Simply enter the number of additional tickets you'd like - excluding yourself from this number! If you know who will be running with you, be sure to hit 'invite now' after you've entered in the number of additional tickets you like. When doing this, you will be prompted to enter in their email address so they are sent an email to fill in their own details, once you have made payment. If you're not sure who will be utilising the tickets yet (or you just don't know your mates email address), you can just skip the invite step and do this post registration by logging into your account. NOTE: You will not be able to enter the same email address on multiple tickets for anyone over 18 - so get that group text going asking for their emails!
5How can I manage my team?
Only team captains will have the ability to view and monitor their team. Team Captains can manage their team by logging into
6How many people need to be in a team?
A team is just simply 2 or more participants who would like to run together. The maximum team number is 100.
7How do I send through a prepaid invite after I've registered?
If you purchased a ticket on behalf of your friend, you'll need to make sure they jump online and register themselves before the event! To do so, simply login to your account on myevents.active.com. Once you've logged in, hit 'team center'. Once you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will see the option to resend invitations to everyone. Alternatively, you can just resend a specific invitation by scrolling over their name and clicking the blue arrow (or the paper aeroplane logo - however you think it looks!). If you entered a typo in one of the email addresses, or need to send the invitation to an alternate email, you can scroll over the original email address and hit the minus sign to revoke the invitation.
8How many tickets can I purchase in one transaction?
You will be able to prepay for up to 99 tickets in one transaction! You will only be given the option to prepay for other team members if you select to register 'yourself'. You will receive the option to prepay for others once you choose to create a team.
9Still got a lingering question?
Shoot our team through an email to info@rocrace.com.au